DOBES Archive

Recording of Jimmy reading last year’s Genesis translation. Keywords: Religion; Church
The offering to the hearth stones is done by the chambak (shaman) BhB, accompanied by a clan brother. The offering consists of rakshi (local brandy) poured from a bronze plate. Each of the three hearth stones is addressed by name.
Nick and an assortment of Bimadbn Village men work on translating the Bible into Nen. They use a Tok Pisin bible to aid them. Keywords: Religion; Bible translation
Mahosatha manuscript
A recording of Aije Let Hailowng reading the manuscript Chau Mahosatha. This consists of the following media files: SDM01-20071123-01_1170_SM_X_AiCheLet_Mahosatha.mpg Duration 5'12'" This recording forms part of the cassette numbered SMVDP22NOV0701 (Phonogrammarchiv No 1170), and runs from 15'45'" to 20'57" on that cassette.
## (Especificar com grande precisão a função dos textos / diálogos, a ocasião em que é/era enunciado e seu conteúdo.)
Tikhak - About Buddhism
A recording in which Tikhak speaks about Buddhism This consists of the following media file: SDM14-2009Tascam-002:Duration 0’38” The details of this file are as follows: SDM14-2009Tascam-002:Duration 0’38”:Some words about Buddhism
Roshan congratulates Ashraf on his birthday.
At the end of the first day of the Workshop the participants pray the Lord's prayer in Beaver.
Baptismal service held in Angguruk on January 23, 1972. For an overview (in German) consult the corresponding written resource.