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Hunting 01
CL and NB arrive with the interpreters DF and SNY in Nko'olong and greet the people. They are welcomed by the children who sing songs they've randomly heard on the radio and whose meaning they do not understand at all. Everybody is getting ready for the hike into the forest. A group of a few young men, two elderly women and several children is leaving the village together with the DoBeS researchers. Their first stop outside the village is the former location of the settlement. NkNaMa explains that her parents lived there before, but that the Bulu forced them to live on the road which they are doing since then. She also shows the tombs of her ancestors which they call "paradise". The she goes on to explain that the leaf she has around her finger will prevent the rain from falling. The group continues into the forest where NkDoRe shows a type of nut the Bagyeli like to gather and eat.
Fish trap making Namikoumbi
How to build a fish trap from raphia palm
Lepdjom spatial relations 1
the game is built around 8 different teams of two persons each. The two persons sit opposite to one another. Nadine sets the animals toys according to a random order, in front of one of the team members. The second member then has to set the animals toys according to the description provided by the other member sitting opposite to them. The experience is renewed three to four times per team. Each member has their turn in both setting the animals and describing.
Dancing 37 Song Mahi
The dancing is part of a funerals night on the occasion of the death of the paramount chief of Song-Mahi. To honor the memory of the chief, Bakola are bringing their own share which is entertaining the wake keeping. Emmanuel who was attending he event was not allowed to film. This is the reason why only audio files are available