DOBES Archive

Rat and Dove
This story is about the rat and the dove. The birds and the rat are working in their gardens. All the birds have prepared some food for lunch except for the rat. Most birds have prepared white yam, only the dove has prepared red yam. When the birds realize that the dove's food has disappeared, they falsely accuse another bird of stealing it, while it was in fact the rat who ate it. When the rat laughs in delight about his succesfull coup, the birds see the colour of the red yam on his teeth and therefore know him to be the culprit. They strike him across the face with a broom and since then the rat has whiskers.
Dove and Lisepsep
In the story, a group of emerald doves goes to drink water from a hole in a tree. The child of one of them is trapped inside and cannot get out. His mother comes by every day to provide him with food, using the formulaic call `dove, dove, get your laplap'. In response, the young dove reaches out of the hole with his hand. A lisepsep who lives nearby hears the mother dove and tries this call himself. At first, the young dove is not fooled, because of the deep booming voice of the lisepsep. The second time, however, the lisepsep has learned his lesson and uses a high-pitched voice. This time, the young dove sticks out his hand, the lisepsep pulls him out of the hole and swallows him. The mother manages to recover her child when she sees the lisepsep weave a mat: She convinces him to take a nap and let her do the weaving. Eventually, she can cut open the lisepsep's belly and free her child. The story is very much reminiscent of the tale of the big bad wolf and the seven little goats.