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Twin ceremonies
The team met with an old man whose wife gave birth to twins twice and two of his daughters children have given birth to twins, who knows so well the Nsong twin ceremonies. We also received testimony from a mother whose twins died.
Traditional folk music of a griot
On 1st of May, Sayimon, nickname of Ngolo Milwal Baudouin, the griot accepted to sing for us his repertoire of solo songs. There are seven songs in his repertoire, two are in Kikongo (songs of a well known national singer of the sixties) but mixed with his own language. Five songs are in Nsambaan.
On June 3, in the evening, we assembled a group of children who told traditional folktales. The other children participated by answering the narrative formulae, which the storyteller launched. All folktales were recorded.
Explanation of twin ceremonies 2
On March 24, after JKM filmed a twin ceremony called nsaŋ a bambwʊl ‘palaver of the twins’ during which the village elders end the twin ceremony, in the evening, a twin mother, Bayi, gave us more explications on twin rituals, which we recorded.
Explanation of twins rituals
This interview was done just after the ceremony where twins had been wached in a special source. this ceremony is made in order to purify the twins and their mothers and fathers, also to abroge the interdits given to their mothers after birth.