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The session contains all the sequence of the ritual reception of the messengers coming from another village to invite to the Kwaryp festival, the celebration after one year from the death of a chief. The Kuikuro chief Atahulu (Kujame) performs all the sequence of the ritual speeches expected in such an occasion. First in front of his house, then in the middle of the village plaza, in front of the kwakutu (the men's house), where he receives the messengers coming from the Waura (arawak) village, and begins the negotiation with each one of the Kuikuro cheifs, in order to define the leader who would guide the Kuikuro to the Waura village. The Waura messengers answer to the Kuikuro chief in their own language and often the two performances (of the Kuikuro chiefs and of the two messengers) occur at the same time. The young chief Ahukaka, finally, accepts the task. All the ritual speechs are long and formulaic discourses, a kind of chanted speech, with special rythm and poetic structure. In the last part of the session, a spontaneous conversation among the Kuikuro men assembled in front of the kwakutu comments on the decision and on the planning of the trip to the Waurá village.