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The text is about how one gets to the earthmaker after one's death. Having arrived there one will be offered to be born again in whatever form.
This is a christmas song in Hoocąk. This song is a Hoocąk version of the world-famous song "We wish you a merry Christmas".
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Explanation about the traditional way of making baskets during an audience. This file is not yet processed.
The conversation is conducted while cutting chickens outside.
This is a narration in Hoocąk. Some sentences at the beginning of the story are in English. MS17 tells about the history of Hoocąk and his family. He talks about how his father’s relatives bought land and how he grew up there.
MS17 makes a speech at MS13's 83rd birthday.
Twins being responsible for the land of the Hoocąks chased a bad waterspirit (=dragon) into the water to free a Hoocąk princess captured by it. The twins then killed the waterspirit and used the blood to draw pictures (portraying the killing) on a rock/hill that is now called "the place you draw".
This passage is about Little Red Riding Hood singing (addressing her mother) that she will be going to her grandmother's house. All seven passages are partly sung and are always preceded by few sentences narrating the story.
MS30 and DB were debating about the FOX_War Story, which they had listened to recently. They discuss whether they had already known it or had heard of it. DB and MS30 had already heard of it, they talked about the Scalp Dance and that something like this had not happened for a long time.
This is a narration in Hoocąk. Some sentences at the beginning of the story are in English. MS17 tells about the history of Hoocąk and his family. MS17 talks about his siblings. MS17 talks about a religion.
The story is about the passing on of true and good knowledge. Men possessing this knowledge are able to forsee some days.
Story from MS4's life. During a thunderstorm he hears somebody playing a drum.
This is a story according to Luke 16, 19-26.
MS27 and FS4 start out with speaking about their relations. They also talk about the medicine lodge and that they grew up with the legends that used to be told in the winter time before going to bed. Both agree that they are not supposed to tell these legends (but that they may say something about them). In fact, they say, people tried to poison Oliver Lamere (Paul Radin's interpreter) for assiting PR. Also, telling these stories didn't do the Hoocąks any good. They then go on speaking about the younger people who don't know the language, and discuss the problem that when teaching the little ones their parents aren't of great help as they don't understand Hoocąk. MS27 and FS4 also say that they themselves failed to teach their own children to speak it fluently.
FS5 talks about women and what they were taught by their Hoocąk elders.
A man went hunting. When he returned he found the wigwam where he had left his wife torn apart. While looking for her a white wolf appeared telling him that he'll protect him. The man finally found his wife but was put down by others who then killed him by running over him with their horses. The wolf collected all the bones of this man, put them together, and in the third night this man came back to life. The wolf and the man then went to the people who had done this to him and took revenge by killing them the same way they had killed him.
The raconteur talked about his experience with the film industry. He concentrated on the description of how he got down to participate in movies. Besides this he spoke about the type of character Indians usually embody in such movies.
Different songs were recorded.
Nursery Rhymes
This is a translation from famous nursery rhymes, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes; The Bear went over the mountain; and a Hoocąk rhyme about a grasshopper.