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Song in Tetum with keyboard
general info on the state of the village and some ideas on how to make it an independent village first part almost exclusively Aleixo speaking, later on others joining in. Mostly Waima'a but some like Afonso always speak Tetum, memberi arahan dan kemajuan pemerintah kepada masyarakat melalui kepala dusun
Discussion of an orthography proposal for Waima'a, explaining letters and sounds At the beginning somewhat unrelaxed, MB opening statement prediscussed with JBNH, later on spontaneous lively discussion in Waima'a, Malay, Tetun
Initial p' (no contrast with /p/) p'ari p'ubu p'oko p'ere p'ita Edmundo reads the words from list prepared by NH, putting very strong emphasis on the first member of each pair, while the second is often barely audible E explains meaning of several items after recording of complete block, only some of these explanations have been recorded on video, others taken down in notebook and entered into wm_lexicon
modern wedding, main steps, all in Tetum, Tetum: Domingos husi Suco Caisido Maria ema husi Suco Bucoli sira rua simu sakramento Kaben iha Igresa Santa Nossa Senhora de Conceição Bucoli.
Three way contrast whai_w'ai_wai In first attempt, E reads: whai-wha'i-wai, i.e. wha'i ('sleep') instead of w'ai
Edmundo membacakan susunan acara penyambutan Patung Santo Antonio
documentation of speeches on the day before inauguration of new district head (diretor distrito) who was a school teacher before being appointed to this position [this is a tape prepared for the new district head on the day of his inauguration]
This is an attempt to cover a modern church wedding in its major parts. tables are cleared, Manuél and Joaquina spell out the rules for dancing, dancing, Manuel dan Joaquina memberi sambutan pada undangan tentang tata cara dalam dansa kemudian kedua mempelai membuka duluan acara dansa kemudian diikuti oleh para undangan acara dansa bebas oleh para undangan dengan musik organ berganti ganti
further comments on previous speech, directed more clearly at JB+NH, mostly in Malay, with some Waima'a words
pertemuan tanggal 12April 03 di rumah Orlando hasilnya segerah membuat surat Deklarasi namun karena kelamaan maka dari pihak uma fukun Waihau dan Wailuo bersama orang orang Kampung Wani'umo membuat surat permohanan sendiri supaya pemerintah “cancel” desa Kaisido karena ini menurut ceritrea nama desa kaisidu tidak berhak letak di dalam wilayah Wani'umo yang diisponsor oleh tokoh-tokoh Waihau dan Wailuo bersama orang-orang di Kampung Wani'umo (Domingos, Kaibada)_______karena surat diangap ilegal dengan tujuan untuk pembatalan desa maka setelah sampai di tangan camat diserahkan lagi kepada kepala desa sementara Caisido Aleixo untuk segerah menjelaskan kepada masyarakat dan ini diangap masalah yang harus diselesaikan secara bersama sesuai dengan adat setempat pada kesemptan berikutnya [Wani’umo, Waihau etc did not attend this meeting]
Constantino is being interviewed by NH on his work during the excavation; not very fluent, intermezzo in Waima'a and Tetum
This is an attempt to cover a modern church wedding in its major parts, starting with bride and bridegroom taking leave from their relatives in the house of the bride
MB ask D about his livelihood, D demonstrates his traditional method of fire making, repeated prompts to get him tell a story fail spontaneous, running tape
MB presents an overview on the workflow of the Waima’a project in Tetum, using Powerpoint and switching to Shoebox and CreativeLab in between ____________ensuing discussion (all tetum) first about writing system (why W and not U in the place names), then going over to varities of Waima’a and discussing differences