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Jorong group – Shashi (tiger song)
Three recordings in which Rangpang Ronrang sings and explains Sha Shi (Tiger song). These consist of the following sound files: SDM25-20100119-125220_JS_E_Jorong_ShaShi.wav SDM25-20100119-132955_JS_E_Jorong_ShaShiTranslation.wav SDM25-20100119-141308_JS_E_ShaShiTranslation.wav The details of these recordings are as follows: SDM25-20100119-125220_JS_E_Jorong_ShaShi.wav; Duration 5’29”; Sha Shi (Tiger song), led by Rangpang GB. This is a war song . Song commences at 1’06” SDM25-20100119-132955_JS_E_Jorong_ShaShiTranslation.wav; Duration 36’59”; Translation of the Sha Shi, line by line explanation. SDM25-20100119-141308_JS_E_ShaShiTranslation.wav; Duration 25’13”; Translation of the Sha Shi, line by line explanation. Continued
Song in Tetum with keyboard
Song about the passing of time and a religious way of life
Song - ?
Recording of a lengthy lelegesan. Recorded during NH's first fieldtrip toTolitoli in 1988. During recording the cassette had to be turned over, so there exist two mediafiles.
The song gives the message to the Puma community that they should preserve the cultural festivals. The ritual and cultural performers are highly respected in this song. The importance of Phagu and way of celebrating this Phagu festival is also mentioned in this song.
In this session we hear the continuation (3.part) a traditional Marquesan chant (ru'u, a kind of a cappella) about the arrival of the Germans at Taipivai (Nuku Hiva) during the 1st World War. The ru'u was a meduim in old Marquesan society to comment on events and it often expresses opinions and attitudes towards the events or persons being sung about.
Funeral Antonio M.Kai-Nuno - lagu kematian dinyanyikan pada saat seseorang meninggal dunia, terutama pada orang tua yang meninggal, Naha-Susu dan Paul yang pimpin nyanian itu [see also clips 'cooking' and 'pig_parts'
This is a traditional folk song. But it is mixed with Bantawa. Therefore the session hasn't been transcribed.