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Interview on historical subjects concerning the wider !Xoon settlement with a group of old men from Korridor 15. Interview on the settlement history of the area and relationship between !Xoonate and members of other population groups in the wider Aminusi area. 00:00:00 Inmigration of !Xoonate from the south and the Nossob valley into their present settlement area around Aminuis; Seperation of "long !Xoonate" and "short !Xoonate"; Presence of Namas and Kgalagadis in the area 00:11:31 Questions about an encounter between policeman at Arahoab [present day Aranos] police station with a group of Tswanas, Namas and San stock thieves at Hatsamap on the Nossob as described in the archive files but turning out to be unknown by the interviewees. 00:19:08 Settlement area and migrations 00:28:45 Identity of and differences between "long !Xoonate" and "short !Xoonate" 00:31:34 Extension of settlement area to the south and west 00:37:41 First stores at Onderombapa and Aminuis; Exchaning iron traps for horns and skins of wild animals. 00:44:17 Presence of Namas at Aminuis 00:47:49 Extension of settlement area to the north and east. 00:55:04 Presence of Tswanas and Hereros at Kule close to the border in Botswana 00:59:17 Inmigration of Tswanas from Kuruman; realtionship between !Xoonate and Tswanas 01:07:21 Presence of and Relationship to the Kgalagadis 01:08:26 Relationship between !Xoonate and 'N|uhmte. 01:12:13 Tswanas selling San children to Boers as farm laborers; Incoming of Boer farmers and development of farms, 01:20:23 Incoming of 'N/ohan farm workers into Namibia 01:26:39 Violent encounter between !Xoonate and 'N|uhmte at Si!gonghu; 01:36:55 Subgroup of Kain=aman: meaning of name, settlement area, relationship between Kain=nam and !Xoonate 01:41:39 Bushmen called Hai||om: former presence in Aminuis area 01:43:49 Returning to subgroup of Kai=naman 01:45:59 Presence of Naro in Aminus area; Relationship between !Xoonate and Naro 01:57:35 Boring of boreholes within the former Aminuis Native Reserve 02:04:44 Taking up subject of Hai||om living in the Aminuis area again 02:09:33 Incoming of Herero; Relationship between !Xoonate and Hereros, Hunting for Hereros and in cooperation with Herero poaching groups; hunting methods; former abundance and subsequent extermination of game by Hereros, Tswanas and Boers 02:34:14 White people hunting springboks and loading them on aeroplanes 02:45:05 Relationship to administration of Aminuis Native Reserve, !Xoon headmen attending reserve meetings; Identities of and relationship to Welfare Officers or Commissioners
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.pdf of working-version of the Nama-English dictionary
Elicitation of Place names
Interview on historical subjects concerning the wider !Xoon settlement area with a group of old men from Korridor 15 (2 parts).
Word List: SNG Comparative List
This word list was developed for the use of two linked projects on languages of Southern New Guinea: (a) ARC project on languages of Southern New Guinea (2011-2015) (b) DoBeS project on Nen-Tonda languages (mid-2011 - mid-2014) Lexical items were carefully selected for Southern New Guinea- wide comparison. Justicifation for each lexical item has been included in the spreadsheet, as well as transcription of the collected tokens in the targeted languages under study. Keywords: Elicitiation; SNG wordlist
Explanations on girl's initiation ceremony
Conversation touches on subjects like hunting methods, incoming ethnic groups, origin of !Xonyatee, language groups; participants complain several times about researchers coming late in the evening.
Pronounciation of 18 place names, recorded while discussing prototype of a cultural map with community: New names and corrections of formerly recorded place names.
Women are working on ostrich eggshell jewellry and talking.
Elicitation of plant names from pictures in: Van Rooyen, Noel: Flowering plants of the Kalahari dunes. Lynnwood. 2001