DOBES Archive

Participant talks about living on bushfood.
Story about Cricket, Eland and Ostrich: Two women, Cricket and Eland, go for searching berries in the veld. Cricket wants to steal Eland's child. She complains that the straps of her baby-carrier are aching and puts her child on the ground it the shadow of a tree. Eland does the same with her child. While Eland is picking berries, Cricket steals her child. When Eland discovers this, she takes the child of Cricket. She tells her brother Ostrich what happened. Ostrich promises her that he and his companions will bring her child back. In the evening Eland's and Ostrich's people make a big fire and start dancing. Also Cricket comes to attend the dance. When dancing beside Cricket, Ostrich manages to grab Eland's child and run away with it. For different versions of the same story see TWa040522-01 and TWa040612-03.
Participant relates how she and her husband were caught by a Boer to work on his farm, and later ran away from his farm leaving even their livestock behind.
Participant talks about former life and loss of land and resources.
Jackal, Hyena and Porcupine are hired by a Boer to dig a well. Only Hyena and Porcupine are working while Jackal is lying around the whole day whistling the songs of the traditional dance. In the evening he tells them to come out of the hole and wash themselves. Then he enters the hole and smears himself with clay. Then they go to the Boer. See TWa040609-06 and TNa040607-03 for different versions of the same story.