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Tungan Bage KYW157
The elicitation session took place in a closed room with one (female) consultant. The offered audio version is a shortened extraction from a more than two hours session and represents the lexemes only and no further discussions. From time to time two good English and Hausa speaking people enter the room and help solving some of the questions.
Porridge Cooking
A woman demonstrates how the Kyanga people use to prepare one specific kind of porridge (with treeroots). While she is doing that she is explaining the
Part 2: Prayer
The naming ceremony has been adapted from the Hausa people by the Kyanga since they changed to Islam during the past few decades. After the passing of one week after the birth of a child, the naming ceremony is hold. Afterwards, the attendees share a meal.
Farming Song
Its the only Kyanga song this man remembers. And he is the only man who in Tungan Bage who remembered a Kyanga song
Baby Bathing
In the video you see a woman bathing her baby boy, whereas on the audio track the same woman retells what she is doing while watching this video.
Hungry Lion
A hungry lion pretends to be sick by which he wants the other bush animals to pay him a visit. In case they come to greet him he will devour them. The lion's cunning works out, except fot the smart hare.
Grinding grains
It is shown the process of griniding grains with a grinding machine
Life Story of Shagiya Part 2
The very old man of Tungan Bage is askes in respect to the first settlements, historical events, and changes of life during the last decades
Daily routine
The short session gives insight into the ideolect of a young woman and her daily habits.