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Length: 00:07:02:000, Duración: 00:07:02:000
Length: 00:01:36.160 The speaker relates that in the morning of the same day, she has cooked for the workers who cut the wood for the corral.
Length: 00:02:43:359 Here the speaker talks about the drop of bitterness concerning the ceremonies of the 'Semana Santa', while all the people go the mass and the celebrations people break into their houses and steal. The people are also afraid to stay at home alone in these times., Duración: 00:02:43:359 Aquí la parlante habla de la desventaja de las ceremonias de la Semana Santa: cuando toda la gente del pueblo esta en la misa y participa en la ceremonia otra gente entra en sus casa y roba. La gente del pueblo tambien tiene miedo de quedarse solo en casa en aquel tiempo.
Length: 00:01:49:280 The speaker relates the habits of her cattle. She explains where the cattle spends the night, where it finds food and water, and why it does not escape.