DOBES Archive

Sitting at Libili. game: kids fishing with JM and ERa. JM hasa picture showing kids fishing, and it is easy to see what each one has caught at the end of their lines. She describes what eachones has and ERa adds the pictures on her card.
personal narrative about going fishing around Timber Creek
Life and work on Auvergne Station and during holidays. DB's granddaughter NB is also present. Cont. from ES08_A11_02.
JM is saying the names of the plants and trees from the photo album to be used for speaking dictionary.
Sitting at Mengan with BH and JM. BH is telling a story about people and the olden days.
Echidna and goanna behaviour.
Bush knowledge - hunting and foraging when speaker was a child.
Sitting at Libili. Checking the names of birds, with DR, JoJ, JM, ERa, and ethnobotanist GW at Libili. This is a follow-up session from the work conducted in 2006. GW uses books with photographs to elicit the information. GW has already done some rechecking. First 20 minutes: CS uses a rough copy of dictionary to check entries of birds. Next 60 minutes: checking on the labels and information collected on plants and trees photographed in album.
Lexical elicitation, checking Jaminjung dictionary entries, semantic domain: kangaroos. Transcribed. Some prosodic annotation. Elan files available.
Sitting at Bethnal Camp with IP. IP is describing the pictures in the book with sequences of events. People making damper, looking for malajagu, looking for honey, cutting paperbark for painting.
Trying to elicit all-new scenes with toy figures / cars. Some child crying / wind background noise.
Pimples, sores; Beginning of Bradshaw trip story. Checked with dp, 27/05/2003
Gilwi camp. Corroborree. All of ER's mob is present. LR is singing
Sitting at Libili Task 15 Eventives Cards with cartoons Condition C: categorical sentence in narration: tell me the story this pictures show? with ERa and JM.
Goanna hunting vocabulary
Lexical elicitation, checking Ngarrinyman dictionary entries starting with J... Not fully transcribed, some discussons of the correct affiliation of some items.
These clips were designed by researcher DH herself to elicit movement telicity data. It is an animated ppt presentation consisting of 6 different slides: Clip 1a: The car went to the rock (reaching it) Clip 1b: The car went towards the rock (without reaching it) Clip 2a: The car went to the tree (reaching it) Clip 2b: The car went towards the tree (without reaching it) Clip 3a: The kangaroo jumped to the tree (reaching it) Clip 3b: The kangaroo jumped towards the tree (without reaching it)
Sitting at Bethnal Camp in Kununurra. Checking botanical data with DR, DB, IP, EH, JM and JoJ. revision of the work done with the ethnobotanist.
Garani, near Ranger's Park. ER's grandson, Ayden, is also present. Lexical elicitation. birds GW uses binders with pictures. Each picture is circulated around participants and information about names, uses etc is recorded.