DOBES Archive

Intonation questions, presented by NH, filmed by MB
story offered spontaneously while visiting MB's mother's house, quite short recorded on cue
running tape - informal discussion after Romaldo has told Liurai story, includes questions about the yearly family convention which happens at the uma fukun (in Malay)
Shots taken from Alex Loch's car on way back from Diego Kai visit - running from Kaibada till Baucau, last minutes buying in store and walking back to Hotel Lorosa'e, interior of Hotel
Traditional way of Marriage Proposal recorded on cue, prepared in previous discussion with MB - at the brief exchange between MB and Dom2 added which occurred shortly after recording the main part
Minimal pairs t'aku taki t'ubi turi t'ode toke t'eri tegi t'iba tiba-ulo Edmundo reads the words from list prepared by NH, putting very strong emphasis on the first member of each pair, while the second is often barely audible E explains meaning of several items after recording of complete block, only some of these explanations have been recorded on video, others taken down in notebook and entered into wm_lexicon
Shots taken from Alex Loch's car on way to diego kai; bumpy at times
Intonation questions, presented by MB, filmed by NH
story recorded on cue, rehearsed in previous discussion
Shots taken from mikrolet on road to Caisido - MB filming and commenting - group of women in mikrolet includes MB's older sister Joana - ends at school in Lialaileso, camera running at times when it supposedly was shut off - bits of conversation here and there
Intonation questions, presented by MB, filmed by NH
the project computer was stolen on 24FEB04 but recovered the next day by children playing close to the project office___just filming the action plus short report _____________NB: MB accidentally recorded over old recording from Kaisido (few pictures in the first few seconds left) which was a discussion of could be the computers thief
Intonation questions, presented by NH, filmed by MB__at end brief conversation involving primarily Nelson and MB
story promised the day before, at the beginning not quite relaxed, but then easy going, recorded on cue, noisy road