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Cholim Word List - original recordings
This contains a series of recordings, taken over 6 nights, of a basic word list of around 1400 items in the Cholim variety of Tangsa. The list was based on the ICDS list, given to Stephen Morey by Dr. Ilya Pejros as part of a project funded through MPI Leipzig Stephen Morey and Krishna Boro elicited the whole list from Lukam Tonglum (Loekyam Cholim), using Singpho, Assamese and occasionally English as the elicitation languages Recorded between 3/12/2007 and 8/12/2007
Cholim - Elicitation of Agreement Markers
A series of 16 short recordings made by Krishna Boro, in which Chonja Tonglum gives Cholim translations for a series of sentences designed to elicit the Cholim agreement paradigm. The recordings are as follows: SDM12-2008TascamKB-001.wav; Duration 1’37” SDM12-2008TascamKB-002.wav; Duration 2’13” SDM12-2008TascamKB-003.wav; Duration 1’48” SDM12-2008TascamKB-004.wav; Duration 0’37” SDM12-2008TascamKB-005.wav; Duration 2’44” SDM12-2008TascamKB-006.wav; Duration 0’50” SDM12-2008TascamKB-007.wav; Duration 1’53” SDM12-2008TascamKB-008.wav; Duration 0’39” SDM12-2008TascamKB-009.wav; Duration 0’18” SDM12-2008TascamKB-010.wav; Duration 0’30” SDM12-2008TascamKB-011.wav; Duration 0’28” SDM12-2008TascamKB-012.wav; Duration 0’19” SDM12-2008TascamKB-013.wav; Duration 1’15” SDM12-2008TascamKB-014.wav; Duration 0’52” SDM12-2008TascamKB-015.wav; Duration 1’55” SDM12-2008TascamKB-016.wav; Duration 3’12” The contents are as follows: SDM12-2008TascamKB-001.wav to SDM12-2008TascamKB-004.wav Elicitation of agreement markers SDM12-2008TascamKB-005.wav to SDM12-2008TascamKB-007.wav Elicitation of agreement markers - ditransitives SDM12-2008TascamKB-008.wav to SDM12-2008TascamKB-015.wav Elicitation of agreement markers - motion verbs SDM12-2008TascamKB-016.wav Elicitation of agreement markers