DOBES Archive

Posim – Songs
Two recordings in which Po Sim and The Khin sing as well as explain four songs. These consist of the following video file: SDM23-20091221-06_SM_PoSim_Songs.mpeg (This recording runs from 14’31” to 24’21” in the video cassette numbered ASSMVDP21DEC0901 - 1440) And the following sound file: SDM23-20091221-03_KH_M_PoSim_Songs.wav The details of these recordings are as follows: SDM23-20091221-06_SM_PoSim_Songs.mpeg:(timing within the session and timing within the cassette are in parentheses) Four songs; 0’00” (14’31”) The first song is about the travels of the Hakhun people, The first part is how the people came from Longthum Selum, and spread here and there. The second part is how they crossed the mountains between Burma and India, which are called Silum¹. 3’37” (18’08”) At around this point, the third part starts, where they have already reached Malou Gaon. 4’04” (18’35”) end of the song and some explanation. A fourth section of the song follows in which the Hakhun people spread over India. 5’04” (19’35”) End of song. 5’24” (19’53”) Second song, Vihu song. 7’19” (21’50”) Introduction to the third song, which was also a dance. The song starts at 8’14” (22’45”) The meaning of thissong is that when you go home, you carry in your bag this song. SDM23-20091221-03_KH_M_PoSim_Songs.wav:Duration 9’37”:Po Sim singing songs, overlaps with SDM23-20091221-05_SM_PoSim_Songs.mpg
Khithong – elicited sentences
One recording in which Khithung Hakhun gives translations of some sentences. This consists of the following sound file: SDM23-20091219-01_KB_M_KhithungSentences.wav The details of this recording are as follows: SDM23-20091219-01_KB_M_KhithungSentences.wav; Duration 13’57”; Sentences collected by Krishna Boro; translations elicited from Khithung