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Cholim - Elicitation of Agreement Markers
A series of 16 short recordings made by Krishna Boro, in which Chonja Tonglum gives Cholim translations for a series of sentences designed to elicit the Cholim agreement paradigm. The recordings are as follows: SDM12-2008TascamKB-001.wav; Duration 1’37” SDM12-2008TascamKB-002.wav; Duration 2’13” SDM12-2008TascamKB-003.wav; Duration 1’48” SDM12-2008TascamKB-004.wav; Duration 0’37” SDM12-2008TascamKB-005.wav; Duration 2’44” SDM12-2008TascamKB-006.wav; Duration 0’50” SDM12-2008TascamKB-007.wav; Duration 1’53” SDM12-2008TascamKB-008.wav; Duration 0’39” SDM12-2008TascamKB-009.wav; Duration 0’18” SDM12-2008TascamKB-010.wav; Duration 0’30” SDM12-2008TascamKB-011.wav; Duration 0’28” SDM12-2008TascamKB-012.wav; Duration 0’19” SDM12-2008TascamKB-013.wav; Duration 1’15” SDM12-2008TascamKB-014.wav; Duration 0’52” SDM12-2008TascamKB-015.wav; Duration 1’55” SDM12-2008TascamKB-016.wav; Duration 3’12” The contents are as follows: SDM12-2008TascamKB-001.wav to SDM12-2008TascamKB-004.wav Elicitation of agreement markers SDM12-2008TascamKB-005.wav to SDM12-2008TascamKB-007.wav Elicitation of agreement markers - ditransitives SDM12-2008TascamKB-008.wav to SDM12-2008TascamKB-015.wav Elicitation of agreement markers - motion verbs SDM12-2008TascamKB-016.wav Elicitation of agreement markers
Khithong – elicited sentences
One recording in which Khithung Hakhun gives translations of some sentences. This consists of the following sound file: SDM23-20091219-01_KB_M_KhithungSentences.wav The details of this recording are as follows: SDM23-20091219-01_KB_M_KhithungSentences.wav; Duration 13’57”; Sentences collected by Krishna Boro; translations elicited from Khithung