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Cholim - Opium story
SDM-ass-2009-11-03-05-MB-beginning-of-story08.wav SDM-ass-2009-11-03-08-MB-a-creation-story-Lukyam.wav
Lakhum Mossang’s Script
Six recordings in which Lakhum Mossang explains his script. These consist of one video file and five sound files: SDM19-20100112-02_SM_Script.mpeg (This recording runs from 0’00” to 11’55” in the video cassette numbered ASSMVDP12JAN1001 - 1452) SDM19-20100112-01_SM_T_LakhumScript1.wav SDM19-20100112-02_SM_T_LakhumScript2.wav SDM19-20100113-03_SM_T_Lakhum_Writing1.wav SDM19-20100113-04_SM_T_Lakhum_Writing2.wav SDM19-20100113-05_SM_T_Lakhum_Writing3.wav The details of these recordings are as follows: SDM19-20100112-02_SM_Script.mpeg; Duration 11'55"; Lakhum Mossang explaining his script. He reads the script fully three times. There are two false starts. SDM19-20100112-01_SM_T_LakhumScript1.wav; Duration 0’34”; Reading his transcription of a short piece of Cholim text SDM19-20100112-02_SM_T_LakhumScript2.wav; Duration 8’42”; Lakhum Mossang taking dictation from Loekyam Cholim in Cholim. Loekyam clearly indicates the tonal difference between te¹ and te² in na mah te¹ lah ‘listen with your ears’ and adue te² lah, ‘come here’. SDM19-20100113-03_SM_T_Lakhum_Writing1.wav; Duration 17’43”; Different ways of writing kham (recorded in notebook) and discussion of how to write some Mossang words SDM19-20100113-04_SM_T_Lakhum_Writing2.wav; Duration 6’29”; Discussion of how to write some Mossang words , starting with ran ‘verandah’ SDM19-20100113-05_SM_T_Lakhum_Writing3.wav; Discussion of some letters in his system, particularly the dental /t/, /th/ and /n/
Santinath Gudung – Matham Mahta Story
Two recordings in which Santinath Gudung Gam speaks Matham Mahta Story. These consist of the following media files: SDM08-20091211-01_SM_T_Santinath_StoryDiscussion.wav SDM08-20091211-02_SM_T_Santinath_StoryDiscussion.wav The details of these recordings are as follows: SDM08-20091211-01_SM_T_Santinath_StoryDiscussion.wav:Duration 26’30”:Discussion about spoken and written versions of stories, with regard to the story of Măhtum and Măhta as told by Mhpang Gumgai as file SDM08-2007-006. Santinath Gudung has made an alternative version of this story which is more suitable for printing purposes. On this recording, he discusses with Palash Nath, about the differences between the story told by Mhpang Gumgai and the story as he has written it. SDM08-20091211-02_SM_T_Santinath_StoryDiscussion.wav:Duration 19’07”:Continued from SDM08-20091211-01_SM_T_Santinath_StoryDiscussion.wav
Cholim - Song of the priest
Cholim - Chant of the priest
SDM-12-2009-11-03-16-MB-pujarymantra-Lukyam.wav SDM-ass-2009-11-03-17-MB-pujarymantra-meaning-Lukyam.wav
Cholim life-cycle-rituals
cholim-rituals.pdf SDM-ass-2009-10-29-01-MB-marriage1-lukyam.wav SDM-ass-2009-10-29-02-MB-marriage2+birth1-lukyam.wav SDM-ass-2009-10-29-03-MB-birth2-lukyam.wav SDM-ass-2009-10-29-04-MB-death1+ Aung San Suu Kyi-lukyam.wav
Cholim - Crossbow
A recording in which the villagers of Kharang Kong, led by Loekyam Cholim, perform a flag raising ceremony for the Wihu Kuh festival, and dances are performed, led by Chonja Tonglum. This consists of the following media files: SDM12-20080105-07_1185_SM_X_FlagRaising.mpg Duration 12'35" This recording forms part of the cassette numbered SMVDP05JAN0801 (Phonogrammarchiv No 1185),, and runs from 24'15" to 36'50" on that cassette. The detailed contents of the recording are as follows: 1’51” (26’06”); Flag raising performed by Stephen Morey; 2’45” (27’00”); Trio song sung by Chonja, Mya Bang and Ja Ong, accompanied by Ringnya. This is the same song as the first dance song in SDM12-20071215-01_1178_SM_X_GirlsDancingGroup, together with singing of song in the more traditional style by Ringnya. 4’55” (29’10”); Speech by Loekyam Cholim, in Assamese, at the flag raising ceremony 12’26” (36’41”); Trio dance song, sung by Chonja, Mya Bang and Ja Ong. 12’35” (36’50”); End of recording
Christmas Church Service at Kharang Kong
One recording in which the people of Kharang Kong are seen attending Christmas Church Service This consists of a single video file that runs from 18’14” to 29’02” in the Video Cassette numbered ASSMVDP24DEC0901 - 1441 The details of the video file are as follows: (Timing on the cassette are in parentheses) Start Time: 18’14”, End Time: 29’02”; Duration 10'48" Christmas Church service at Kharang Kong Presbyterian Church; 20’39”(8'23") reading and prayer in Mossang from Rongnyaq Mossang (incomplete) 22’17”(6'43") prayer in Sangwal from Railung Sangwal (Evangalist) (incomplete) 23’37”(6'25") words from Nongtang, short section of sermon from Pastor Pusam Rekhung; 25’14”(3'48") special song from girl’s group (language?); 27’19”(2'43") more words from Nongtang and special song in Hindi from several men; 28’22”(0'38") Lord’s prayer in Assamese; 28’52”(0'10") final scenes.