DOBES Archive

The photos show: - processing reindeer hides -stretching a freshly cut piece of skin before drying - preparing reindeer for nomadisation - a child sitting on a reindeer ready for nomadisation - traditional Even coat made from reindeer skin, modern cut
GNM was asked by AL and DM to explain the institution of Sacred Reindeer among the Evens. She explained the details about the consecration of sacred reindeer, and how offerings to sacred fire are made. Then she added how she performs fumigation for children in the village school, about the organisation of the new village festival hebdjek, about Even lullabies and the rituals of femininity (wedding, first menstruation).
LMP and GNI are members of a folklore group in the village of Esso. They have created a kind of theater act about two old ladies who meet in the forest. The piece is a mixture of dialogue and sung portions.