DOBES Archive

0.00 Thomas shows Abakup his book 2.30 arrival of Ou !Haeb 3.30 arrival of Meme Victoria, school bell (comment on kids leaving) 4.50 sharing out of tabacco conversation on condition of Polopolo road 21.44 camera changes perspective reading lessons Victoria, Chris, Gertie (sound very bad) 30.00 Haiseb? joins in
sound not very clear 0.00 introducing Gertie and Christian Conversation between Thomas, Haiseb and 2 more men 25.00 Thomas retreats Conversation about places, much pointing, interaction with child 35.00 arrival of Perdekop 35.00-36.00 greetings 42.20 leave-taking of Perdekop 48.00 arrival of Owambo lady, code switching: Hai//om – Oshiwambo – English – Afrikaans 56.00 conversation about greeting