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Participant calls women to trust in their own power
Story explains how it happened that Lion shits in the same way like other 'people'. Lion had eaten a lot. Jackal tells his little brother to heat a long piece of iron in the fire and put it into Lion's asshole. Side-striped Jackal does as he was told to do. For another version of the same story see TWa040526-06.
TWd050107-0601: In the northern corridor (approximately Pos 7/8), TWd050107-0602-0603: Between Corridor and C22 TWd050107-0604: C22, view from high dune (about 30 kms south of Gobabis) to the north.
Participant1 explains the uses of plants, Participant2 asks questions
Participant translates stimuli (mammal names with shown pictures from zoological fieldguide, in one context utterance) from Afrikaans into !Xoon.
Cricket wants to steel Eland's child and asks Ostrich to help her. Ostrich organizes a healing dance during which he grabs Eland's child and runs away. Eland's relatives try to follow him but cannot get hold of him. They organize another healing dance during which they take back Eland's child from Cricket. Lesson to be learned according to Translator: Even though your child or something you own might be ugly you should stay with it. For different versions of the same story see TWa040522-01 and TWa040605-22.
Photos of a ground covering plant at campsite San Tako. Plant (scientific/English/Afrikaans names) was identified on the base of: 1) van Rooyen, Noel, 2001, "Flowering plants of the Kalahari dunes". ISBN: 0-620-27376-3. (Purchased in a bookshop in Windhoek) 2) information by Hattie Wells 3) www
Long text about former life and changing livelihoods; for details see free translation into Afrikaans.
Participant utters her thoughts about the reasons and consequences of her sister who, recently, was the victim of a murder and calls upon her siblings to work together with people who bring projects such as the language documentation project.
Main actor divides a dead springbok brought by researchers. He and his mother describe the work and parts of the animal. Comments by other people standing around/helping.
Participant translates propositions ("The person is laughing/waiting/standing/drinking water..", "I see a dog/dogs/a snake/...", "I see the big dog/big dogs/...", "I take the dog/dogs/snake/...") from Afrikaans into 'N/ohan.