DOBES Archive

The elders are discussing about a new canoe that is now operating on the river. Initially, the villagers had brought somebody from Nigeria to build the canoe. Before finishing his task, the person has left again. After that, somebody from Akum, Zack, has come and constructed a canoe with the help of the villagers. The elders are discussing, whether it is good to leave the canoe on the other riverbank overnight. They are using snuff and joking about it.
Interview on traditional healing methods
One elder speaks an introductory note. He refers to the utar uman as an old tradition, which will be given to the next generation. He asks everybody (the male elders) to speak out their problems. He utters a blessing to the village, that everybody shall prosper. One person brings forward his complaint: it is about the preparation of cornbeer, that the chief had promised some time ago. The person is offering his fowl.