DOBES Archive

In this session the consultants talk about the living tiki Moeone, a stone figure on one of the sites at Hanapa'a'oa (Hiva 'Oa). In connection with this site the consultants also talk about several different skulls found near that site.
In this session we see a radio emission at Atuona (Hiva 'Oa) on October 15, 2004 in which the current political situation in French Polynesia was discussed. In the radio emission we hear different opinions from all political camps. The emission and the march a day after (October 16) was a peaceful protest against the doings of France in handling the fall of the formerly elected independenist party led by Oscar Temaru by a vote of confidence initiated by the former president Gaston Flosse. The march and emission was also a call for the dissolution of the French Polynesian government for new general elections.
In this session the legend of Makai'anui is told by consultants from Hanapa'a'oa. The pig Makai'anui was said from Hanapa'a'oa, and it is talked about specific places connected with the legend and the pig. The story is told collaboratively.
In this session we see the protest march on October 16, 2004 in Atuona. The march was organised to protest against the political overruling of France with respect to the political events of the last few weeks and months in French Polynesia. Parallel to the march on Hiva 'Oa was big march of 29.000 people on Tahiti which was led peacefully by the independence leader Oscar Temaru whose government was just brought to fall by a vote of confidence (initiated by former president Gaston Flosse). In this march they demonstrate for a dissolution of the French Polynesian government and new general election in French Polynesia. In this session we also hear several speeches of local people giving their opinions about the situation. The document shows the first large protest of this kind on Hiva 'Oa.