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In this session the legend of Fatu Uku, an uninhabitated island in the South Marquesas is told. It is the story of how Tana'ooa who has supernatural powers, overturns the island because his wife's family insults and ridicules him and disrespects nature. His wife, Meto, who is the princess/leader (ha'atepei'u) of the island cannot reason the loudish and drunken behaviour of her population who pours drink into the sea. Tana'ooa warns her that this disrespect towards the sea will have consequences. At the turning over of the island Tana'ooa and his wife Meto survive, but the whole population dies. In the end Meto who does not follow the advice of Tana'ooa dies of thirst and hunger. Tana'ooa goes back to Hanaiapa where he lives together the princess of the village.