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Pak Rahmat explains how to cultivate rice from preparing the field to selling the harvest to a fabrik. Afterwards he was asked to introduce himself.
SR ckecking control sentences and forms reflexiva_neu.doc
Pak Usman reports about meeting NH back in 1988 and explains the idea of the upcoming project to his mates. This is the second recording of this conversation, it was already recorded once earlier in the morning but the microphone did not work.
Lengthy conversation about the origin of names of the villages in Toli-Toli Utara, situation in TTL, history of Totoli people, etc.. This was iniciated by IS, in order to get the other persons talking, but in the end he dominates the whole converstaion and there are only short comments from the others.
Elicitation of reciprocal forms by NH showing MPI clips 1-25
Intonation questions, presented by NH, filmed by MB
Jani Kuhnt-Saptodewo interviewing Ibu Johora Alamudi about different parts of the syukuran ceremony, JKS shows the old woman a video recorded by WN and CL three months earlier. Later in the Interview a second woman joins them. Almost only Indonesian spoken.
Short conversation about streets, irigation and other topics.
Recording of one hour radio broadcast in Totoli. First there is a discussion about the healthcare system in the area, listeners are invited to ask questions. The second part of the show includes a quiz about the place of a local school and the name of it's headmaster, which is solved by a women. In the end a new question is posed, which consists of a translation task (Ind. to TTL). The text that has to translated correctly into Totoli is: "Sekelompok anak muda yang nakal memperkosa seorang wanita tunawicara. Para pemerkosa telah ditangkap dan dijebloskan ke dalam sel. Sementara ini wanita tunawicara yang diperkosa sedang dirawat di rumah sakit karena alat vitalnya mengalami pendarahan dan sobek." 'A group of noughty youngster raped a deaf and mute woman. The rapers were captured and thrown into a (prison) cell. Meanwhile the women that was raped is looked after in hospital because her reproductive organs experienced bleeding and fissures.' .
Elicitation of single utterances (interrogatives, answers, imperatives) Short discussion before because Asliati doesn't want to be recorded first
Recordings in the livingroom of the bride's house, first guests and the groom, who sits in front of them, are filmed, then a short welcome word is uttered by a women, money is given from a women of the grooms family to a women of the bride's family (hantaran), several old men, who are called to do so by the women with the mic, put (paci, seems to be like henna) on the hands of the groom and he has to blow out five candles (mongolongom). Only the voice of the women who uses te mic is heard clearly.
Discussion of an orthography proposal for Waima'a, explaining letters and sounds At the beginning somewhat unrelaxed, MB opening statement prediscussed with JBNH, later on spontaneous lively discussion in Waima'a, Malay, Tetun
Initial p' (no contrast with /p/) p'ari p'ubu p'oko p'ere p'ita Edmundo reads the words from list prepared by NH, putting very strong emphasis on the first member of each pair, while the second is often barely audible E explains meaning of several items after recording of complete block, only some of these explanations have been recorded on video, others taken down in notebook and entered into wm_lexicon
pertandingan persahbatan diwasit oleh Marito dalam permainan juga setiap pemain dinilai oleh Salus dan Amino sebagai pengamat____________Indonesian numbers and orders, Tetum; first training then soccer game, towards end Waima’a comments and cheers____________________paskah bersama yang dilakukan oleh pemuda pemudi kegiatannya meliputi:pertemuan dengan tokoh pemudah (Salus),pertandingan sepak bola antara Ossowa gabungg sama Lialaileso lawan Kaisido dan Parlamento bunuh kambing satu ekor tidak ada vokalnya karena mic off ,masak-masak dan malamnya makan bersama selanjutnya dansa –dansa (dan masih ada kegiatan selanjutnya yang dilakukanyaitu gotong royong buat jalan raya sampai bak Lesi serentak oleh pemuda dan pemudi di kaisido 1km)
CL and SR checking sentences from mo-=po-.doc (daam, dabu) IRR_RLS.doc (taip) UV_RLS_IRR_for_APPL_verbs (gutu), and forms of boli
Recording of two Tolitoli songs played on traditional bamboo instruments by members of the Sanger ethnies living in Tolitoli. The performance took place during a Culture Festival in the town of Tolitoli. The festival was realized in cooperation between the RRI and the regional government. Twelve of the 22 ethnies that live in Tolitoli showed examples of their traditional music and dances, wearing traditional clothes. All important persons, such as the Bupati and the King were present. Only Indonesian spoken.
This is second part of NHs lecture on language documentation held before members of the Totoli community. This part deals with orthographic problems which still have to be discussed with the speakers. After NH introduces the some problematic cases a discussion with the audience follows.
JKS interviewing Pak Ibrahim about the genesis myth of the Tolitoli people. Only Indonesian spoken. Bad tape, first 10 min. of recording missing.
Conversation about fishing methods. In the beginning persons talk shortly about landmarks in the bay of Pinjan. In the beginning very low sound because mic was too far away and speakers sat with back to camera, later sound ok.
JKS interviewing Pak Musa on ethnic identity, clans and marriage taboos of the Tolitoli people. Only Indonesian spoken.