DOBES Archive

LDCh2 and LDCh3 are playing with wooden seats, pretending they are babies. At the end of the session, LDCh2's mother is stitching leave-plates.
LDCh1 is eating a meal inside his home with his whole family as they sit in a circle. Afterwards LDCh1 goes outside and snacks on some food. His mum arrives a while later and breastfeeds him. Subsequently he sits around with his mum and holds a limited conversation with her.
The conversation not only concerns one topic. LDCh3 interacts with her mother very nicely.
LDCh1's elder brother sings Nepali rhymes, LDCh1 also tries to sing. LDCh1 plays with a book.
LDCh1 and Ram walk here and there. They hit oranges with stones. There is interaction among LK, LDCh1 and Ram. At the end of the session, LDCh1 and Ram jump down into the field. Two adults - LK and LDCh1's mother RAJK - talk about selling oranges. LDCh1 and his brother are playing behind the house until it gets really boring and LDCh1 walks off to a small field. He plays with sticks and spends most of his time looking for something to do.
In this session, LDCh4 plays with feathers, he plays with a round piece made of plastic. Around 0:40, he goes to his neighbour's yard and he plays there walking here and there.
LDCh2 and her siblings are playing behind the house in the cowshed, where her mother is working.
LDCh1 is playing with a small bird which was caught by his elder brother. His elder sister Devi is beating grass for pigs. LDCh1 is eating a meal indoors from a metal bowl with a spoon. He later on takes his food outside so that he can eat there. After his meal, he washes his hands and some parts of his body. Thereafter he goes back inside his house to meet his mum who subsequently breastfeeds him.
LDCh4 and Indra play with stickers, sticking them in their faces and on their stomachs. They are playing in their neighbour's house, 5 minutes downhill from their house. They go in and out of the small house. Time and again LK and PR talk to them while doing their household works. After the second half of the session, LDCh4 and Indra play with stone balls as marbles. They walk here and there.
Children including LDCh4 play under the peach tree.
LDCh2's mother makes LDCh2 bathe.
LDCh1 is just walking around and seems to be bored. He snacks on some vegetables and is later joined by his elder brother. The elder lady appears shortly afterwards too and brings him a bowl of water to drink. The session is recorded in the morning. LDCh1 and Ram play on their veranda. They run around their mother. LK gives biscuits to Ram and LDCh1, and they eat biscuits. LK talks a lot with the kids.
Her mother makes LDCh3 and PNR wear clothes after making them bathe. LDCh3 asks a chicken with her mother and mother gives and she plays with it. (She is not so active in this session.)
This session is recorded on the veranda of LDCh3's home. Our language consultant RM asks LDCh3 a lot of things about her study. It has been recorded in a quite natural setting. The noise of insects and ducks can also be heard. When IR suggests to read a book, LDCh3 opens the book and says the name of the pictures in Chintang. Around 14:00, her mother asks LDCh3 the names of the pictures.
LDCh1 and his brother Ram are playing football with a coconut. They play with goats too. Mother is around with an infant which she is nursing. She sometimes talks to LDCh1. His brother disappears for a while and then comes back. LDCh1 and Ram pretend to be praying and cooking in the field. PR in the background talks to them. They get a snack from PR and LDCh1 sits next to his mother and eats it.
Playing on veranda with elder brother Ram , teasing, they play with a necklace and they compete for it. 2 girls are sitting on the veranda as well but arent facing the camera, they talk among themselves. (first 10 minutes) Play with tools (mill stone). Some talk among the boys, more by the other boy. LDCh1 handles a basket. Some conversation about it with the woman, (which came back) and the other boy.
LDCh2's grandfather is making a bamboo mat on the veranda of his house. The children including LDCh2 eat oranges. Elder sister KKR gives LDCh2 a small ball. LDCh2 is not very active in this session. KKR makes LDCh2 change her dress.
LDCh3's mother makes LDCh3 comb her (LDCh3's) hair and LDCh3 weeps.
Children including LDCh2 play with bamboo stripes. They play or pretend to be cooking. Their grandfather is preparing a big bamboo basket which is used for carrying water vessel, grass, firewood and so on.