DOBES Archive

This is a song written by another Sebjan resident, PDN.
'Kino' = This very amusing narrative, the fifth of the recording session, describes how an old man in Twajan snuck into the village hall when they showed movies and sat behind the screen, in order to avoid having to pay the 5 kopecks entrance fee; and also how the same old man pretended to blow out a lightbulb in order to darken the room so the film could start. There is a Russian version of the first bit (sneaking behind the screen) in the middle.
RDA and TPK are discussing, how women were giving birth in the old time, when people spent most of time nomading with reindeer. People made a special yurt which is called golomo. Some women helped with preparations. Men were going hunting. RDA also mentions, that a reindeer was given to a newborn as a sort of talisman, which would protect its owner.
'First tractor' = In this narrative, the second of the recording session (about 4 minutes long), EIA told the story of how the first two tractors came to the village of Twajan in 1958, and how the villagers built a bridge over the little stream (which was only ankle-deep) so that the tractors could drive into the village with pomp and ceremony.
'Crossing river' = The last little anecdote of the day, which describes how they crossed a swollen river during a move of the reindeer herd.
This is the story about the first time after graduation of AAK. She has got an education in History and had to become a teacher of history. But there was no free position for the teacher of History in the school of her village, but she wanted to work there. So she went there without permission. Unexpectedly she got there a position of a headmisterss. She was very young in those days and didn't have any practical knowledge about how to manage such an organization. Nevertheless she had to prepare the scholl for a new scholl year and did it very good with help of her pupils. She tells with humor and in a very good Even.
AS told about his life, about the bridle he is making, and about hunting bears.
'Live duck' = This short narrative (only about 1 minute in length in Even) told about how EIA's son went hunting while on leave from the army; he shot a duck and brought it home in his rucksack. The next morning they noticed the rucksack was moving and took a look - it turned out the duck hadn't been killed after all, had just been grazed on its beak, and so lost consciousness, and it flew away as soon as they took it outside. This was the eighth narrative of the session.
This story like three stories about granny Igodnyj is also from childhood of JET. Her friend and she were about 8 years old. They found some money in a street, hid themselves and shared this note by tearing it into two pieces. At that moment the aunt of JET saw them, she became angry and explained, that they should not do that.
This is the sixth section of the recording. RDA first tells about old graves in the area, as well as how as a child she and her siblings came upon an old storage shed left by a Russian geological expedition with the samovar and dishes all still intact. From this she moves on to talking about old traditions that aren't upheld anymore.
'Whip' = This is a very brief narrative about how a cow herder hit a naughty boy with his whip from his horse in the same manner as he had just seen in the film 'Chapaev' about a hero in the Russian Civil War. It's the sixth recording of the session.
In this session, AVZ told about how he and a fellow soldier went to steal chickens while serving in the army - to their great surprise, there was a huge chicken there which did not let itself be caught easily, and which later turned out to be a turkey, which they'd never seen before. After that, he told about how it was to live in the local boarding school.
It's a story from childhood of the informant (TEB). When she was a child, she lived in the reindeer herd with her parents. Every evening she heard a noise of fire and clanging of tableware. After that when she lived in a boarding school, she was dreaming she was in the herd, when she heard such a noise in the night (from the dining room). She tells also about her life and life of her family later, about her father's work.
'Leaving Twajan' = The first and longest narrative, over 12 minutes, about EIA's childhood in Twajan and the relocation to Bystroe and Esso, with a bit about his life added in at the end.
This is the second section of the recording session - somewhat artificially cut off after about 4 minutes. In this - also very animated - narrative ZAS tells how she arrived in Tashkent as a young woman to visit an Uzbek penfriend of hers, and how her friend had missed her at the airport because of a delay with the airplane, so that ZAS had had to find her friend's home by herself, with a taxi driver who also didn't know the street.
Anatolij Afanajevich tells how to build a yurt, then a short tale about lazy bird, after that BP asks him to tell how his wife and he went from tundra to Anavgay once in the winter and their snow mobile was broken.
This is the second section of the recording, in which RDA told about how a bear that wasn't hibernating had attacked her mother and older brother in their little hut in the reindeer herd. Fortunately, other reindeer herders had just moved to that location that day, and one of them was able to shoot the bear before it was able to wound anyone.
SPK told a bit about how his father hunted and worked in the reindeer herd, and how he himself sets traps for sable and snares for rabbits in winter, as well as a bit about his life as a reindeer herder. At the end he told a bit about some medicinal herbs that are used here.
'Ducks' = This narrative, the seventh of the session, has an element of 'Muenchhausen's stories', because it describes how a man went hunting ducks, was about to shoot but noticed his glasses needed cleaning; when he again took aim he found some ducklings walking along the barrel of his gun. When he recounted this story to his friends, they gave him the nickname 'Bazhenov' after a Russian writer of fairytales.