DOBES Archive

On these photos you can see: - saddled reindeer waiting - reindeer herders' winter camp - reindeer herder riding reindeer supported by a special stick - sledge drawn by reindeer, festive occasion - reindeer and sledge driver, festive occasion
This is the second section of the recording session - somewhat artificially cut off after about 4 minutes. In this - also very animated - narrative ZAS tells how she arrived in Tashkent as a young woman to visit an Uzbek penfriend of hers, and how her friend had missed her at the airport because of a delay with the airplane, so that ZAS had had to find her friend's home by herself, with a taxi driver who also didn't know the street.
This is the beginning of the recording session, in which ZAS told how she, her brother and her sister-in-law had fallen into a so-called naled' (a stretch of river in which water appears on the surface and freezes over only thinly) while travelling by reindeer sled to visit their father in the reindeer herd. It is about 13 minutes long and very animated, and it is a great pity that the video recording didn't work out, because she uses a lot of gestures to describe what was happening.