DOBES Archive

The Kohs and some of their family attend a Baptist church service in a nearby Tzeltal village. The event is their eating the body Christ ( their first Communion). The session contains exterior and interior shots of the church, the service, and the Kohs receiving their first communion (although they are obscured by other parishoners in the foreground). It goes late into the night.
NI asks JK whether she knows the story of the Jaguar and the Rabbit, and since she does, JK tells the story.
This ritual by the tree was shot on 16mm and converted to digital tape. It representas an example of one of many Lacandón rituals offerings; this one being performed by AM Marftinez in the forest near the community. Although the ritual was prompted by me, the choice of ritual was chosen by AM.
This session focuses on the state-run public school in the village. Inside a Lacandon teaches the children the Lacandon alphabet.
JK recites Ah Hooch', a spell for fire ants. This spell, or "sekreto" , as the Lacandones refer to these types of texts, was volunteered by JK after CNK asked her to recite any spells she knew. The setting is casual and there is a small audience comprising of CNK, KM, KP, and JK and KM's brother, KMJKBr. An explanation of this text is provided in Exp_AhHooch_JK.
SK tells the story of Hachakyum and the Frog.
AM compares the different types of ceremonies for the collector.
JK explains the significance of the spell, Ah Hooch'. Her neice, CNK, her sister, KM, their brother, KMJKBr, and KP are present. As well as an explanation we get a conversation among the women. The text can be found in AhHooch_JK.
Koh III and Chanuk, the daughter of Koh's co-wife, Koh IV, talk about traditional Lacandon marriage protocol.
JK explains the song for frothing cocoa. This song was not elicited. See the session Cacao_JK_01, Cacao_JK_02 for the performance of this "women's work song".
AM describes crops and planting seasons. In this session, AM expands on what he said in Plant_AM_01.
This is the first recording session with Om, the two year-old child of CHX and KA. In this session, the camera simply follows Om around. The purpose is to record naturally occurring speech, which, in this case, are one-syllable words. Other sessions with Om filmed in this period are Om_02, Om_03, Om_04, Om_05.
SK sings U K'ayil K'än Xux 'Song of the Yellow Wasps'. Afterwards, he provides an explanation of this song, in Spanish
AM narrates a story.