DOBES Archive

This session contains didjeridu-accompanied Marrwakani songs of the 'stone country song' genre, received from a mimi spirit on the Arnhem Land plateau in his own country Mangulhan by Paddy Compass (deceased). Paddy Compass was mother's brother to the lead singer, Archie Brown, who arranged the recording session and led the singing. The backup singer was Ronnie Cooper, who appeared to know the songs quite well and took a prominent role in the later part of the session. He used a pair of half-finished softwood clapsticks, which sometimes rustled on the plastic tarpaulin. The recording took place at the place of residence of Sammy Namarrwuka, because it was quiet and because he was the only person Archie thought knew the songs well enough to play didjeridu for them. Sammy experienced some difficulty with both didjeridus he had available, because they were unfinished and the mouthpieces were too wide and had no wax on them yet. The session was cut short because Sammy and Ronnie had another engagement.
This session contains 13 Ldalha song items spread across two FlashRam recordings (seven items on 20030722LB01, and six items on 20030722LB02). The session was also recorded by Bruce Birch on DV.
Sixteen Jurtbirrk song items recorded at night on FlashRAM by Linda Barwick and simultaneously on DV video by Bruce Birch.