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In this session the consultant talks about the local history of Hakau'i (Nuku Hiva), its name, locations, the tribes, their genealogy, personalities and historical persons (Temoana, Vaekehu etc.). The session also includes a rari (=indigenous chant) about a female warrior from Hakau'i. The conversation between the main consultant LK and TB (collector and field assistant) deals about several topics as e.g. about the different head dresses which were used.
In this session the consultant explains how copra is produced. The video clip show the hut where coconut meat is smoked and dried. She explains all the details of the hut and its function with respect to copra production as well as the technique used to smoke and dry coconut meat.
In this session the consultant talks about the doings of Hanau, a goddess from the underworld or Havaiki. One of her interactions with the living is to make them asleep. The consultant explains how it was believed Hanau made people asleep at night.
In this session the consultant sings a Christian song about Adam and Eve (with the consultant's explanation).
In this session the consultant explains the old track of the warriors along the precipice of Hakau'i.
In this session the consultants talk about Marquesan feasts and dances, in particular the putu dance. Other dances which are also discussed are the "ori pahaka", "ori manu" and the "tape'a". One consultant gives samples of how it should be sung or how one moves in a particular dance. She also contrasts it with today's modernised versions.
In this session the consultant explain how kurkuma is used for body treatment to soften and colour the skin of women.
In this session the consultant talks about the carrying of a massive stone from Moto'ua over the mountains to Naho'e by the big warrior Putio (see also link).
In this session the consultant explains on site how to find a certain fish bank on the ocean before the island of Ua Pou. The session is filmed in Hakamo'ui where two landmarks are important reference points.
This is the local Marquesan version of the legend of Hina, a figure in Polynesian mythology (see also link). The narrator gives detailed accounts of all the important places (+place names) of Hina in the valley of Motopu (Tahuata) where Hina was supposed to have reigned.
In this session the consultants talk about old Marquesan customs and beliefs such as the role of beauty during courting, taboos towards women (canoe, walking over bodies etc.). During the session they talk about a specific place of courting at Hakau'i and its customs. Towards the end of the session they about the legend of Keikahanui and Paevao, the little sister of Keikahanui's wife.
In this session the consultants narrate about their life at Moto'ua (Hiva 'Oa) from the 1950s onwards before modernisation set in in the 1970s and 1980s. They talk about their self-sufficiant lives, their diets, school life, travelling on the island, and in particular about birth-giving, treatment with plant medicine after birth and the diets of infants. In the final part they depict life after the 1980s when modernisation set in with electricity, TV, fridges etc. available.
In this session the consultant talks about how they lived in former times before modernisation set in on the Marquesas. She talks in particular about traditional food preparation.
In this session the consultant shows and explains one of the important locations of the Hina legend (see link). The location by sea is characterised by a crevice/fissure along the rocks. The place is called Mimi-o-Hina "urine of Hina" because according to the legend Hina had urinated at that place and the urine was so strong that it split the rock apart.
In this session the consultant talks about an ancient Marquesan canoe which had been taken to the museum at Papeari on Tahiti. The session is filmed on the site where the canoe was found/kept in former times.
In this session the consultant explains how to prepare 'ape/kape, a type of taro/tubular root which is poisonous and causes skin irritations if not treated in the right way. The technique of how the toxin is removed is explained.
In this session the consultants talk about the stone of Huuti on Hiva 'Oa. Huuti was a man possessed by spirits (kaikaia/veinehae).
In this session the consultants talk about the living tiki Moeone, a stone figure on one of the sites at Hanapa'a'oa (Hiva 'Oa). In connection with this site the consultants also talk about several different skulls found near that site.
This is the legend of 'Ono, an important Marquesan warrior. The consultant narrates the second part of the legend.
In this session the consultant talks about an old woman from Hatihe'u (Nuku Hiva) called Upokoniu. This old woman is inhabitated by a so-called "veinehae", an errant spirit. It is the errant spirit of her grandson who died at the age of 7. The consultant recount what she was told by two other old people who were related to that old woman called Upokoniu.