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In this session the consultant shows and explains a location in the legend of Keikahanui. The filmed location is the location where Keikahanui followed his father-in-law, Tohi'akau, when he jumped onto the other side of the river followed by Keikahanui. This is before the actual fight between the two in which Tohi'akau gets defeated.
In this session the consultant tells a story of Tiu, a big warrior of Hiva 'Oa island (=South Marquesas). The story is accompanied by its rari which is an indigenous Marquesan song.
In this session the consultants talk about warriors of Hiva 'Oa (e.g. Tiu). They also talk about the tribe Upeke (ati Upeke) which came from Fatu Iva to Hiva 'Oa.