DOBES Archive

Indoor, some noise in the background, family is around. Speakers speak very loud. There is a peak at 1:26. Confident to talk. Edirol Mic at 30 cm. Rec level 65. Duration 2:56
Duration 7:00. Speaker is confident and had voluntarily asked to be recorded. outdoor, the speaker is weaving at the same time that he talks. The weaving stool produces noise. Canon Legria. and Edirol. Mic Distance 1,5m. MPEG4 and wav files. Rec level 70
Recording situation outdoor, speaker was confident to talk and proud of it. Edirol. 3 cm microphone distance.
Edirol. Distance 30cm, rec level 70 duration 1:54. Indoor. Speaker is confident
Duration 1:23: Speaker is confident to talk. outdoor, people talking in the background. Canon Leria. Mic Distance 1m. MPEG4 file
Indoor. The speaker is a bit nervous; later a bit calmer. Canon Legria and Edirol. Duration 2:00. Mic distance 35. Rec level 70. MPEG4 and wav files.