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Elicitation of object relative clauses.
During an expedition to the Auob river with the aim to find speakers of the |'Auni language who are reported to have been living there in the 1920s a speaker of the 'N|ohan varied was encountered at Gochas location. He remembered only a few words but understood the speaker of West !Xoon who went along on the trip and who asks him about his life. Some of the conversation is in Afrikaans. Afterwards the man is asked for a words on a 200-word list but the list has not been worked to the end since it is obvious that the man feels unwell because he knows so few words. Four photos taken at speaker's house at Gochas location show speaker, speaker with wife and researchers, other family members, speaker's wife: 636-LK)
Conversation of audience after last story. 268-FT makes a short announcement.
No meaningful contents.
Main actor divides a dead springbok brought by researchers. He and his mother describe the work and parts of the animal. Comments by other people standing around/helping.
Participant translates propositions ("The person is laughing/waiting/standing/drinking water..", "I see a dog/dogs/a snake/...", "I see the big dog/big dogs/...", "I take the dog/dogs/snake/...") from Afrikaans into 'N/ohan.
Participant gives comments on documentary film showing women collecting and preparing bushfood.
Participant makes a plea for job opportunities
Participants translate stimuli (words related to Swadesh 200 word list, nr. 173 -178 of "semantic order", in given context utterances) from Afrikaans into !Xoon
Participant introduces himself and complains about current condition of unemployment
Elicitation of new or uncertain constructions occuring while translating and interlinearizing 'N|ohan text by 285-AB ("He will kill 2P~3P").
Participant explains her pile sorting of pictures showing the landscape.
Participant replicates recorded text (SP_26) in careful speech. Elicitation of new or uncertain constructions ("still", postponed possessive/associative particle, polar questions, some serial verb constructions - "away", "to me", "over", "back" ~ "again").
Participants translate propositions (words supposed to contain glottalized vowels, aspirated and glottalized clicks in context utterances) from Afrikaans into 'N/ohan.
Participant gives a short biographical account
Participant replicates recorded text (SP_26) in careful speech. Elicitation of new or uncertain constructions (subordinate clauses, "just", "must", conditional clauses).
Participant (288-JB) translates example sentences with words introduced in the primer.