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Dipkala plays in the kitchen and comes out of the kitchen and goes to play in the sun. she plays with stics saying: tit - tit.
Dipkala plays with a coin that her mother gave. She walks here and there calling her mother. She asks her mother to suck her breast and her mother breastfeeds her though she is pregrant.
Saphal urinates in his trousers, his mother make him took off the wet trousers. She breadfeeds Saphal. Sapana makes saphal wear shorts. There is the child mother interaction in this session. In this session, Total utterances = 170 Total utterances by target child=7
Saphal urines in his trousers, his mother took off the wet trousers. She brestfeed Saphal. Sapana makes Saphal wear shorts. There is child-mother interaction in this session. The recording place is new and the people are interested to look at the camera and many people have come. In this session, Total utterances =470 Total utterances spoken by Saphal =26
Dipkala walks here and there. she calls her mother. Her mother breastfeeds her. Lash Kumari gives Dipkala biscuits and she eats them.
They talk about many things. There is not the subject boundary. In the beginning of the session, they talk about their household matter i.e. their sons. The conversation is often about the invitation in the marriage. Sometimes, they tease the baby, Dipkala.
Ramila describes about the various activites of two young dogs. She explains how they hunt animals. The other participants make interesting questions on the activities of the dogs. There are some other family matters too in the text.
In this session, Ms Janaki describes what she remembers from her childhood/school days.
Janak Kumari Rai is telling a love story of a boy and a girl happened in her own village.
This is an invented song. It suggests people not to fight among themselves and be united. The song says, ''we should be united, we should not fight with each other''. The song further says, we all are brothers, one brother should not kill the other. We should not offer our blood to Lord Buddha.
RM narrates this story. This is a real story that she faced in her life. In this story, she describes the death of a young guy who was her brother's friend and was also very close to her family. When, where and how the young man died - is narrated in this session.