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The singer presents a song she has written herself.
This session contains lexical items and grammatical markers of Chintang.
Ramila describes about the various activites of two young dogs. She explains how they hunt animals. The other participants make interesting questions on the activities of the dogs. There are some other family matters too in the text.
The informants talk how they come from Dhankuta to Kathmandu. As it was their first trip to Kathmandu, curiously, they talk on various subject matters such the places they have seen in the way, the problems they faced, their first entry at college and even they vividly explain the hostel life too.
In this session, Ms Janaki describes what she remembers from her childhood/school days.
Janak Kumari Rai is telling a love story of a boy and a girl happened in her own village.
This text is recorded by GB. In this session, Digdal Rai expresses his experience about wadangmi. He talks about origin, clan, tradition, way of celebrating wadangmi. Besides, he describes the way of worshipping god and goddess. He points out the importance of preserving culture. Lastly, he talks on the prestige of Rai people.
This is an invented song. It suggests people not to fight among themselves and be united. The song says, ''we should be united, we should not fight with each other''. The song further says, we all are brothers, one brother should not kill the other. We should not offer our blood to Lord Buddha.
RM narrates this story. This is a real story that she faced in her life. In this story, she describes the death of a young guy who was her brother's friend and was also very close to her family. When, where and how the young man died - is narrated in this session.