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JC _Kapa_yuxibu
The story is about an enchanted agouti (coatipuru) which helps a Cashinahua group and marries a Cashinahua woman. When betrayed by her, it takes revenge by killing her lover and taking away everything it once gave to her family.
In the story the morning-star (pena bixi) is an old man who has an incestuous relationship with his daughter. When her husband finds out, he leaves her, and the old man and his daughter continue to live like husband and wife.
This session is one of two in which Paulo Macambira tells three stories from the Cashinahua's oral tradition. It contains the story of the vulture, the monkey and the jaguar and the story of the jabutí and the jaguar. The three stories were elicited by the text "urubú e macaco" from the story collection of Capistrano de Abreu which -according to the author - does not belong to the Cashinahua's oral tradition.
The story is about the origins of Ayahuasca. There is already a transcribed version of this story told by Marcelino Piñedo and published in 1999 by Eliane Camargo. According to the myth, the ayahuasca liana was given to the Cashinahua by the anaconda.