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Alicia explains the meaning of this hallucinogenic drinking and sings chants of this ritual.
Basabu keneya is about the origin of a kene which was first applied to the dead bodies of a Cashinahua called Basabu and his brother-in-law who was an Inca. The two had died in a competition where each tried to kill the other with venomenous animals etc. The argument had started because Basabu's younger brother provoked the Incas who had come to visit the Cashinahuas after the two brothers had paid a visit to their sister living among the Incas.
The protagonist of the narrative is an old woman.
This narrative tells how a man learns the function of the human sexual organs by observing monkeys having sex.
(04 :17.000). Bernabé volta do mato com um problema no olho e Alicia, sua sogra reputada por seus conhecimentos farmacopéicos e xamânicos, faz-lhe uma aplicação de ervas no olho. Isso se passa na casa de Bernabé, onde morava até 2009 Marcelino e Alicia. Neste extrato, observa-se conversa em diferentes línguas entre os caxinauás, ali presentes, Ph. Er. e EC.
The session contains a collection of 20 texts on Cashinahua history.
Joaquin Xuares tells a myth related to the feast of Nixpu pima. Manuel Tetxiana supplements his narrative. Texerino Kirino writes down what is being narrated. The group is later joined by Noeda Puricho.
Maria tells the myth about the origin of the ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic drink. The hero' s name is Yube.
Alicia performs and explains He ika chanting.
The session consists of scenes from the workshop in which the different Cashinahua teachers discuss the phonemes of their language.
Alicias tells Eliane how the nixpu pima ritual is. She also sings.