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Marcelino tells Eliane a myth about XXX.
11 :34.000 Marcelino Piñedo fala da plantação de antigamente, com grandes roçados e tudo o que se plantava. Quando a produção era muito grande, o chefe da aldeia chamava as pessoas para organizar o rito da fertilidade, o katxa nawa. Conta um pouco do Ha ika et canta alguns trechos : 00 :05 :52.000 et 00 :08 :21.000
Tomas talks about different rituals in Spanish and later in Cashinahua. He is interviewed by Eliane.
Alicia explains the meaning of this hallucinogenic drinking and sings chants of this ritual.
The story is about how the Cashinahua learned how to have sex by observing the monkeys.
The story is about the child of a female spirit who lives at a little river (igarapé).
Marcelino talks to Eliane about several health problems, their symptoms and how to cure them.
Basabu keneya is about the origin of a kene which was first applied to the dead bodies of a Cashinahua called Basabu and his brother-in-law who was an Inca. The two had died in a competition where each tried to kill the other with venomenous animals etc. The argument had started because Basabu's younger brother provoked the Incas who had come to visit the Cashinahuas after the two brothers had paid a visit to their sister living among the Incas.
The protagonist of the narrative is an old woman.
Marcelino tells Eliane which other groups speak languages he understands and which do not.
The narrative is about a woman made of clay.
This narrative tells how a man learns the function of the human sexual organs by observing monkeys having sex.