DOBES Archive

Storybook I
This storybook contains 10 customary folk stories or legends in Savosavo, edited versions of audio recordings, with illustrations. The copyright for the stories lies with the authors, the copyright for the illustrations lies with the artists.
This primer shows the numbers from 1 to 10 on the first page, together with the corresponding Savosavo numerals as used in counting, a picture and a noun phrase describing the picture, which illustrates the use of numerals as modifiers. The second page shows the numbers from 11 to 20, and then in steps of ten up to 100, again accompanied by the corresponding Savosavo numerals. Colored dots are used to illustrate these higher numbers.
Orthography primer
This primer shows the Savosavo Practical Orthography, developed in cooperation with the speech community. The primer is intended for use at literacy workshops and in school. Each letter is introduced by providing some examples that start with it or contain it. The main example always starts with the letter in question, and it is accompanied by a drawing.