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The speakers talk about the natural clamity in Chintang. As they had suffered from big landslide and soil erosion, they talked about the prevention of it i.e how can they stop such natural clamity. Besides, they talk about the belief of the people since they think that such natural clamity is caused by the Gods and it can be stopped by worshipping the Goddess.
The participant named Durga Kumari Rai involves in telephone conversation with her sister named Surya Kumari Rai living in Chintag. They talk on misscellaneous subject matters such as health, situation of village, clothes, and so many other personal matters.
The participant involves in telephone conversation with her sister living in Chintag. They talk on misscellaneous subject matters such as health, situation of village, marriages, and so many other personal matters.
Jan_Gan_ talk
In this session, Janak and Ganesh Kumar talk about miscellaneous things regarding society, culture, religion and many times the conversation swithces into other several subject matters like marriage, career etc. Janak asks Ganesh about Chintag Devi and way of worshipping, how is the society going ahead in the path of development? Why has he read arts? how the people are getting modern facilities ect. And, Ganesh replies the way of worshipping, killing animals. Besides, he says that the village is getting modern facilities like road, electricity, communication etc. In the course of conversation, he provides the detail of their village.
In this session, the participat sings song natural objects such as river, jungle, earth, mountain and aslo, about the religious place. Besides, she sings song about the historic place.
Having the direction and suggestion from BB and NKR assistance from RM, LK and MR, TNB prepared this community grammar. This is simple community grammar whic is prepared for the community people so that they can read and write in their own language. This grammar contaiins phonology, phonetics, morphology and syntax.
This session contains lexical items and grammatical markers of Chintang.
The informants talk how they come from Dhankuta to Kathmandu. As it was their first trip to Kathmandu, curiously, they talk on various subject matters such the places they have seen in the way, the problems they faced, their first entry at college and even they vividly explain the hostel life too.
This session is taken by TNB in Kathmandu Office. The native speakers LK,JK and RM talk to each other regarding their future. They talk about education, job, marriage, settlement and sometimes make fun.
In this session the participants named RM,DKR, GAR and LK talk about the social awarness. It concerns about health, agricultural production and awaring the people living in community.
In this text, the informants Lash Kumari, Janak and Rikhimaya discuss on various various subject mattars in Chintang. It is spontaneous talk.
In this session, the participats express their experience about campus life. Generally, their feeling, experience and events are described sequentially. They desribe how they leave home? What happened on the way to Kathmandu? What they first felt when they reached Kathmandu?. Similarly, how they adjust in the new place has been described here.
In this text, the informants Lash Kumari, Janak and Rikhimaya discuss on various types of cuts in Chintang. Lash Kimari discusses with them cutting the sticks , branches and grass and confirmed whether she is right or not. They apply many cuts, manner of cutting and come in conclusion.
She Narrates the love affair between boy and girl. The girl once, visits with the boy and become sick. The boy is blamed since he has wronged her. Later, as he comes there and goes way, the girl finds her in a good condition.
This text describes the socio-cultural, economic and educational situation of Chintang. Besides, the speaker explains the situation of chintang then to now. In brief, the speaker presents the whole picture of Chintang: the condition of people, their occupation, educational level and way of living.