DOBES Archive

Bahati tells about hunting, poison
Nkuyaki shows the contents of a traditional quiver used for hunting
Nkoiseyyo standing in front of a baobab explains verious things of the Babobab; its meaning and use for the Akie.
Nenkishon tells about her life, elaborates also about the women's tasks, the men's tasks, marriage
The ancestors of the Akie are being asked for good luck. The blessing is performed by men before going to hunt.
Nenkishon explains things in Nevumba's house
Nkoiseyyo makes fire in a traditional way, using a fire-stick and a fire-bark, during blessing ceremony
Papalai performs hunting calls used by the Akie at the side of the successful hunted animal
Straw bundle
Bahati collects different varieties of grass to prepare a straw bundle which is used to fumigate the bees before collecting the honey out of the beehive. The straw bundle has to be made freshly each time honey is being harvested.
Nkoiseyyo tells about his life, his marriage, his children, interviewed by the researcher
Nankoyya tells about her children, the marriage of her very young daughters
Bahati prepares everything for harvesting honey, making fire, straw bundle being burned for fumigation, climbing up the baobab, hanging in front of the bee comb, collecting honey, putting the honey into the honey bag, climbing down again
Bahati makes wooden pegs for collecting honey in the baobab. The pegs are hit into the baobab stem to make a ladder for climbing up
Bahati narrates the story tale of the sun and the moon, a traditional Akie story; explaining how the sun and the moon came into existence
Nkuyaki talks about small antelopes, how to hunt, the quality of their meet, their behavior
Bahati makes a rope out of a tree bark. This rope is used as a safety rope for him where he holding him in front of the bee comb up in the baobab. It needs to be freshly made every time using it.
Bahati narrates the story tale which explains how it came that the Akie became hunter gatherers whereas the Maasai became cattle herders, a very traditional Akie story
Lamazani tells another story of the monster sokwe mtu
Ramathani narrates the story tale of a girl who loves a certain fruit a lot
Papalai narrates the story tale of the monster called sokwe mtu