DOBES Archive

This story is about the speaker's childhood. She talks about picking berries, cooking deer and living on a farm.
The speaker narrates the part of the scripture where it speaks about being ready when the Lord will come (again) and when the end of this earth is near.
This is a story according to Luke 16, 19-26.
This is a story according to Luke 16, 27-31. The raconteur adds some sentences about Jesus being the Savior who himself returned from the dead to witness God.
The speaker says that he was little when he gave his heart/life to the Earthmaker and that this is what the hearer should do too if s/he thinks this is something good and true. The speaker also says that when a believer dies s/he will be singing.
This story is about stealing watermelons. A group of boys used to do this at night time. One day they took along somebody new who has not done this before. This boy made everybody else angry because it took him a long time to choose a watermelon and when he finally got back into the car they all realized that he brought a pumpkin instead of a watermelon.
This is a story about picking blueberries.