DOBES Archive

Rangpang GB – Rera History
Four recordings in which Rangpang Ronrang and Sentum speaks about the origin and history of the Rera people. These consist of the following sound files: SDM25-20100119-105011_JS_E_Jorong_History.wav SDM25-20100119-105905_JS_E_Jorong_HistoryExplanation.wav SDM25-20100121-203533_JS_E_Rokachong_Explanation.wav SDM25-20100121-205329_JS_E_Rokachong_Explanation.wav The details of these recordings are as follows: SDM25-20100119-105011_JS_E_Jorong_History.wav; Duration 8’38”; Rangpang Ronrang, GB, telling about history SDM25-20100119-105905_JS_E_Jorong_HistoryExplanation.wav; Duration 26’58” ; Discussion about the meaning of the history, with Rangpang GB and his son Kesong Ronrang; the origin of the Rera people at the great Banyan tree. about 14’00” discussion with Lompong about him telling a story of creation; 15’52” Lompong Ronrang tells the story of the creation (Mih Dong Ngam Dong), from Rokachong. SDM25-20100121-203533_JS_E_Rokachong_Explanation.wav; Duration 14’00”; Discussion with Sentum Ronrang of the Mih dong ngam dong text, and the difference in the tone between the two instances of dong. Dicussion about the translation of the text SDM25-20100119-105905_JS_E_Jorong_HistoryExplanation.wav from 16’08” SDM25-20100121-205329_JS_E_Rokachong_Explanation.wav; Duration 9’52”; Further discussion with Sentum Ronrang of the Rokachong story, SDM25-20100119-105905_JS_E_Jorong_HistoryExplanation.wav from from 16’36”
Sentum – about Pangwa
One recording in which Sentum Ronrang tells the meaning of Pangwa. This consists of the following sound file: SDM25-20100122-194535_JS_E_SentumPangwa.wav The details of this recording are as follows: SDM25-20100122-194535_JS_E_SentumPangwa.wav; Duration 2’43”; About the meaning of Pangwa