DOBES Archive

These recordings were collected during an morning birdwalk around the garden site, Zeri. The main local consultant was Jimmy Nébni, who wore a head-mounted microphone and provided commentary. Researchers Chris Healey, Nick Evans and Julia Colleen Miller elicited bird names and stories along the way. Bird song was also collected using a shotgun microphone. Many unnamed participants went on this walk. Key to the audio files naming (all audio tracks were recorded simultaneously using the 4 channel Zoom H4N): = audio track recorded using Zoom H4N's onboard stereo microphone. Content includes comments by those people near the main consultant. hm = AKG C520 headmounted mic for high quality recordings of Nen bird names and commentary. sg = Audio Tecnica AT8015 shotgun mic focusing on collecting bird song along the walk. hmsg = the blended track of the headmounted and shotgun track, with boosted volume for the birdsong. This creates a track with the birdsongs and commentary by the speaker. Track 03 contains a story in Nen about kaeko nests approx 36 minutes into track. Kaeko does not build its own nest. It takes over some other bird's nest. This story has been collected a couple of times. The amusing zo story is at the end of this final track and has been extracted, transcribed, and translated. Keywords: birds; mammals; insects
Beginning of word list elicitation including: 'red', 'white', various combinations with N + color + size, some diminutives provided, most given with the 'nats'adle' construction. Some comments on the -ae suffix. Also "This is a ____." vs. "This is a small ____." phrases.