DOBES Archive

086 cuts and selects straw which he will use to thatch his new house.
086 takes SX with him to a fishing trip. 1: 086 prepairs himself with help of his father 083. 2: 086 and 087 leave to Tsalawa, long fishing scenes, he catches a fish. 3: long fishing scenes, he catches a fish. 4: from outside of the canoe and lagoon, at Tsalawa.
1: SX filmed 073 when he installed, assisted by 065, one more pilar. 2: A nice taping of the inside of the researcher's hut.
118 shows hard wax, an important raw material for many products (used as glue and for sealing and as arrowhead. His wife 121 shows scoops made of calabashs she wants to sell.
1: preparations for video-taping with ti'aju. 151 films with 073, assisted by 086. 2: discussing the results of part 1, the tapings made by 151 and 073. 3: tapings with 033 and 060.
045 catches and carries her youngest son, 211. He is brought into his house, where his father pierces his ear tips, while his mother holds him on her lap. Of course, 211 is crying a lot.
SX films the preparation and actual taping of the session 083_sham.
1: 118 repairs the inner piece (reed) of the Takwara fluit. 2: the men, especially the five players (073, 078, 149, 065, 086) paint and prepair themselves and dance once around the village. 3: A second round of the five men around the village. Two girls join them and dance together. 4: 118 and 030 paint themselves for playing the takwara fluits while the younger men continue to dance from house to house. 5: Four adult men (030, 132, 118, 083) dance, accompanied by girls.
Steps producing Urukum, red colour in form of paste or blocks. Urukum: made principally of Bixa Orellana. Clips: 1: washing the oily pulp off the seeds, boiling 2: After boiling: cold paste is taken off
Procedural order of clips: 8, 6, 7, 5, 10+1+2, 1, 3, 4, 11 1: hammock knotting and thwine yarning (+S.I.) 2: producing of esteira, thwine yarning 3: details: an half finished hammock (+ parrots) 4: knotting, many pictures, other objects, portraits 5: details: yarn, new hammock, esteira 6: detail: buriti sprout 7: separating the film and stalk of buriti leaves 8: a Tuatuari trip to fetch buriti leaf sprouts 9: Tuatuari trip contd. with researchers, return 10: starting to know a new hammock 11: finishing the hammock, taking it off te pegs, finishing the ends
1: elicitation work, two other transcribe, battery change 2: orthography and computer training 3: MiniDisk uns and Audio caption software training 4: MiniDisk use and Audio caption software training 5: Video camera training 6: 073 videotaping the Tawarawana dance 7: 157 coming and telling narratives 8: training to tape, taping 157