DOBES Archive

The story is about "lame deer" who hunts for the Cashinahua women while their men have gone hunting.
The story is about an enchanted toad which helps a man to become a good hunter.
JC _Kapa_yuxibu
The story is about an enchanted agouti (coatipuru) which helps a Cashinahua group and marries a Cashinahua woman. When betrayed by her, it takes revenge by killing her lover and taking away everything it once gave to her family.
In the story the morning-star (pena bixi) is an old man who has an incestuous relationship with his daughter. When her husband finds out, he leaves her, and the old man and his daughter continue to live like husband and wife.
JC_ Ixian_pestedan
The story is about a Cashinahua who goes fishing and is led away by an enchanted fish. He returns home only to help his wife cultivating the field. When she does not want to let him go away again he turns into a mosquito.