DOBES Archive

Conversation between !Xoon lady from Leonardville and two participants of the orthography workshop at Gobabis (cf. TWd080330-02, especially TWd080330-0205,06,07,08,09.jpg). The conversants did not know each other before. 655-MH was said to be (at least one of) the best Taa speakers at Leonardville.
Participant talks about her yesterday's headaches and how she did react.
Participant tells myth about stick insects.
Participants talk while waiting. On the screen: 168-FT (to the right, in front), 108-KK (?) with her baby (in middle), and two women from 027-JT's house/pos 15 (one washing her child). Other persons: 012-AK, 085-AJ (?, last part, lying in front). More persons talking or passing by.
208-OG demonstrates how !Xoon ate a tsamma, took out the seeds, roasted them in a fire and used them as a cosmetic. 277-ET and 221-SD join in a conversation.
268-FT and 277-ET discuss the quality of the stories they are working on with TG and RK.
The Taa speaker, a friend of David Long (Rev Abathini Kabatlhophani from Zutshwa, calling himself a "!Xoon", on the day of the recording a guest of the Longs), pronounces some words with breathy phonation. David Long was feeling that there might be a contrast between breathy phonation and something else.
Participants are talking while waiting for being brought back home/other consultants to have finished their work.
221-SD after having watched the pear movie again (watched it already earlier) tells the story to 208-OG.