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Breaking in a horse
This session was made at the traditional fishing camp "rybalka" at the Manych river. Almost all men of the Solodikovs participated in the process of breaking in a horse. At first all "wild" (not trained) horses were driven into a pen. Then one of he men catched with a lasso a horse that should be broken in and took it out of the pen. At the open place men whiped the horse with long twigs. Then the horse was fastened and stayed fastened for a long time. The men let the other horses out. This "wild" horses came to visit this fastened one during all evening, in the night and during the folowing day. Sometimes they began to fight. In this case they were driven off. 13-obuchenie_loshadi A light and a dark horse are coming downhill. They join a white horse which is tied to a wooden stake. Vadim, younger brother of Artiom Nikolaevich Solodikov (ANS), appears. He is the one in the family who usually breaks in the horses to harness. Vadim unties the white horse and guides it into a fenced area. The two other horses follow. ANS joins Vadim. They close the fence with a rope. Leontij, another younger brother of ANS, is also around. Vadim takes a long stick. At the end of it he fixes a rope with a noose. He tries to come close to the light horse’s head with the end of the stick so that the noose will glide around the horse’s neck. It takes Vadim a little while until the noose finally sits around the horse’s neck and contracts. The horse tries to get rid of the rope. Vadim pulls the rope. Leontij helps him. Another man (Nikolai Fomich Ichanga), ANS and Stanislav, oldest son of Vadim, join in to pull the rope. Vadim takes a long stick and hits the horse from behind. The men drive the horse out of the fence to an open place nearby. Vadim goes on hitting the horse strongly on his backside and hind legs in order to subjugate it and get it to accept the bridle. The horse tries to get away with all its might. Three times it falls down to the ground. Every time Vadim hits it forcing it to stand up again. Then it falls down totally exhausted. Vadim takes the bridle and puts it around the horse’s head. After that he forces the horse again to stand up hitting it hard. The men pull strongly at the rope standing in front of the horse, Vadim hits the horse from behind. Finally the horse follows the men. It is guided to a wooden stake to which it is then tied. Leontij comes with an ax and hammers the stake deeper into the ground. Then everybody leaves the place except from Leontij who keeps watching the horse. The dark horse, which is free to run about, comes close, putting its nose to the nose of the tied up horse. 14-privjazannaja_loshadj A horse that has just been broken in to harness is pulling at the rope with which it is tied to a wooden stake. Another horse, which is free to run about, is standing by its side trying to ease it, touching its nose with its own nose.