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running tape - informal discussion after Romaldo has told Liurai story, includes questions about the yearly family convention which happens at the uma fukun (in Malay)
short summary by MB of previous hardship story by Amandio and Duarte plus following discussion names of speakers - NH tries to pronounce words - small talk among speakers - this is interrupted when Celestinho comes and tells his life spontaneous, stop and go recording without clear cues to participants
started with recording words for 'big' and 'smoke', then couple of animals according to Hull list, then further phrases and words, short interactions in Waima'a between MB and Lamberto, brief statements of L regarding life in Caisido around min 45 a somewhat more extended Waima'a conversation starts (Lamberto, Graciano, MB) at the beginning of tape2 (wmnh_ad_07nov0202) names for major parts of Caisido (Lialaileso, etc.) first 'fieldtrip' with MB to Caisido - material of questionable quality
Traditional way of Marriage Proposal recorded on cue, prepared in previous discussion with MB - at the brief exchange between MB and Dom2 added which occurred shortly after recording the main part
recorded on cue, story offered spontaneously after brief discussion with MB and Amándio sat in during preceding hunting story by Amándio Skilled story-teller
MB briefly summarizes Croc and Monkey story in Malay
Duarte and then Amándio tell about the hardships of life in Caisido - listing common occupations, water problems, going to market, problems of education
Story about a ball of mud and praying mantis guitar in background, Story about a ball of mud and praying mantis guitar in background
Waima'a subgroups, especially Waima'a areas vs Kairui areas this is a short summary of a previous (unrecorded) discussion explanation to JB, recorded on cue, toward end again Tetum/Malay with NH/JB
child with speech impediment is said to say wawa instead of papa (comment by MB and other people sitting there)
Liburan MB ke Australia dan sempat juga bertemu sama kawan lain timor dan Mateus sekolah di Sydney asal Desa Triloka sehingga bercakap-cakap dalam bahasa waima'a tentang situasi dan keadaan di Australia dan Timor ini juga pertama kali waima'a di rekam di benua Australia______at beginning some Indonesian
story recorded on cue, rehearsed in previous discussion
pretelling of Paulo e Jon recording sets in late, no cue
MB briefly summarizes praying mantis story in Malay
a few examples for riddles which were brought up as a topic by NHJB
Mateus adalah dari Joao dia lahir di Fatumaka tinggal di desa Triloka sekolah di Sydney Australia ambil matakulia Geofisika
this recording follows Lamberto words and phrases after short walk around hamlet and meeting with female policeman (started two months ago after 6 months of training in Dili) moved to small warung across from the elementary school discussion of what to record, explaining words to NH spontaneous, stop and go recording without clear cues to participants
recorded on cue, spontaneous, much better delivery than during her CV
very short CV of Celestinho, with lots of Portuguese in it C knows Portuguese quite well and NH and JB talked a little bit in Portuguese with him before this recording
MB and Dom2 discuss features of Waima'a culture, recording sets in about halfway into the discussion, incomplete